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Meet Our Neighbors: Big Charlie’s Saloon

Meet Our Neighbors: Big Charlie’s Saloon

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Nestled in the heart of South Philly at 11th & Mckean is one of the most unique sports bars in the country. Big Charlie’s Saloon is a Philadelphia sports bar dedicated solely to the Kansas City Chiefs. The unusual dedicated has drawn visits by Chiefs players, coaches and even GMs. Some of the visits include Derrick Thomas, Dick Vermeil, Scott Pioli and NFL Network. Big Charlie’s even won an Emmy for NFL Films’ Outstanding Long Feature in 2004. Here are links to an article from & a video from from last year. If you ever looking for a place to watch the games on Sunday I think you should visit the bar. Be sure to recommend/like us on facebook an follow us on twitter. Big Charlie’s also have a facebook & twitter so do the same.


25 thoughts on “Meet Our Neighbors: Big Charlie’s Saloon

  1. kourtney8202 says:

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  2. harriett5236 says:

    You can hardly come across content such as this nowadays. I recall when you could find one or two topics like this in minutes but now it’s much more difficult.

  3. rachal2488 says:

    This really shows that you can still find folks that care about what they submit on the internet. I truly liked reading through the comments.

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  5. cornelius827 says:

    Not one of the other posts I’ve come across are like this one. You are able to tell much work went into this.

  6. marilyn says:

    i’m longtime dedicated crazy chiefs fan,retiring and downsizing.Us girls want to come to charlies saloon and auction my large kc chiefs collection off this spring.Can’t think of better place to have to have it all together then charlie’s saloon.been collecting since won super bowl in 1969-yr. i graduated.
    P.S. actor david koechner’s cousin kim was my room mate.david likes it i like it. please give me email address and phone number if interested.

  7. Dennis. M says:

    Didn’t know. It was true. See you nov. 9th. Can’t wait

  8. Reaves says:

    Can someone tell me how to obtain Big Charlie’s Saloon’s phone number?

  9. Jack Bishop says:

    I’m a North Jersey boy who picked up on the ’66 chiefs. Been a fan ever since. My son and daughter are more rabid fans than me now. I would to like to buy 3 of the arrowhead east shirts. Is that possible?

  10. Hey. I stumbled upon your blog site the application of ask. Which is a really well written report. I’ll be bound to book mark the idea and come time for know more within your useful facts. Thanks for the submit. I will undoubtedly come back.

  11. DAVID says:

    putting up chief’s collectibles on e-bay.If interested let me know ,giving chief’s fan first shot. If ever in Philly will come drink one w/you guy’s. thanks

  12. Tom Gray says:

    Hey guys, I have something I know you’ll love having if only you had a phone number.
    If you’ll give me youe number i’ll get this stuff to you.
    Tom Gray

  13. jack ass says:

    How did these people become kc fans? Their dad had money to bet on a Super Bowl but not money to buy his kid a bike? You are frauds.

  14. Tom says:

    KC Italians come to Philly and make theirselves right at home at Arrowhead East before the big game Thurs night. Just have plenty of Crown Royal and the number of a couple of zoog girls.

  15. Shaun says:

    Was there last night had a great time in a great atmosphere bar tender was cool thanks Dave! Will be there Sunday week 1 to watch the chiefs whip jacksonvilles ass!

  16. Matt Mankameyer says:

    I will be in Philly (live in KC) for Week 3 Chiefs @ Eagles game. Will be at your bar for drinks before heading to the game! Love to see a Chiefs bar away from home.

  17. Rick Lakey says:

    saw your bar at halftime on Saturday night chiefs game. Chiefs fan since they came to KC. Love to see other cities lovin the Chiefs.

  18. john says:

    I live in Kansas,City. My children love the Chiefs but I will forever be a Eagle Fan. I root for the Chiefs but my heart will always be with Van Brocklin #11.

  19. Wren says:

    Chiefs fan forever. Born in KC 1961. Living in PA since 1973. Coming to visit Arrowhead East very soon to be with family! Way Cool!

  20. Eddy says:

    Paul. Please slap that pimpfacefatpigtoad.

  21. Ed.. says:

    New pool what puggi is better mark. Toadboy

  22. Eddytstone says:

    New rule one puggi per shift

  23. Eddytstone says:

    Whereas the toad

  24. Jim Fisher says:

    Big shout out to Arrowhead East! Sorry about the year, but keep the faith.

  25. Lee says:

    Mizzou in Philly!

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