Screen-Printing PhillyScreen offers our customers the best quality in silk screen printing, embroidery and promotional items. We have over twenty-three years of experience in the field and we focus on giving our customers the highest quality products for their dollar.  Our services included Apparel
for men, women and children from high quality wholesalers, including Alterative Apparel, purchasing primarily t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, jackets, polos, fleece, and Novelty
 items such as caps and headwear, calendars, custom magnets, magnetic business cards, pens, flags, banners, and a variety of other custom-order promotional items.

Graphic Design

Utilize our staff of experienced graphic design artists to alter existing graphics or create custom designs from scratch.  We work directly with the client to get a clear understanding of their expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing is a process of printing images on garments using silk screens, inks and heat. Pricing for this service will depend on the number of colors in your image and the number of pieces you plan to order (min. of at least 12).


Embroidery is the second leading service of PhillyScreen. It is the process of stitching complex images into garment with the used of expensive machinery. We suggest you use embroidery on higher quality garments such fleeces, high quality sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirt, dress shirts, polos, jackets and etc. Pricing for embroidery depend on the difficulty of the stitch, the garment, and the number of pieces you plan on ordering (min. of at least 12).

Live Silk-Screening

Live silk-screening is an additional source of revenue performed at a range of events including street fairs and festivals to reunions and trade shows – our most successful production of this offering taken place at the annual Roots Picnic at Festival Pier in Philadelphia. It offers the client the benefit of additional revenue for a relatively low cost and the added intangible novelty of increased consumer popularity.

  • The live production and retail sale of t-shirts
  • Event themed design competitions
  • Increased fanfare and activity for the client

Live promotional products allow clients to pre-purchase a set number of shirts or other products, such as cup, mugs, key chains, and hats, to be produced at an event and given to the consumer for free for promotional reasons. 

Delivery | Pick-up:

  • Pick-up days:
    • Monday – Friday (1:00pm – 6:00pm)
    • 2301 N. 9th Street – Philadelphia, PA 19133
    • Local Delivery:
      • $25 additional charge
      • 25mi. radius
      • 24hrs from completion date
      • Overnight | Mail
        • Standard shipping rates apply – check out our online store for more info